Vertical Roller Mill prediction particles vs. reality
May 31, 2024
Evolving with aixProM: Mastering Process Prediction

aixProM, our adaptive digital solution platform, is on a continuous journey to harness process historian data to predict future outcomes and guide processes effectively. Our focus is on refining the effectiveness of automated process optimization.

We continuously aim to enhance our data-driven process modelling. The challenge lies in the process of creating good machine learning models, encompassing everything from data preparation and feature engineering to training and validation, all of which are crucial for making precise predictions necessary for automated adjustments.

Precise predictions for processes are vital for maintaining operational control and efficiency.

A good example for a successful implementation is a slag grinding process using a vertical roller mill:
Take a look at the achieved prediction precision for particle size as the central product quality KPI in the image above.

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Written by: 
Maximilian Kaul
Marketing & Social Media Manager
Digital solution platform for process optimization
Data-driven process modeling
Automated process optimization
Machine learning models in industrial processes
Predictive analytics for operational efficiency
Process performance prediction and optimization


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