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For more than 20 years, our process modelling and optimization work has been highly interdisciplinary.

What still surprises us every day is that there are many technical innovations in one sector of technology which are more or less unknown elsewhere. And in a world where iterating and making mistakes faster can mean the success or failure of a business, the stakes have never been higher. This is where aixprocess comes in: we learn from the mistakes and failures of others and bring the best-in-class solutions to you. All this without the need to invest months or years in costly and risky real-world experiments while the nimbler competition surges ahead.

Over two decades of experience, aixprocess has brought game-changing technologies from one industry to another. This alleviates the need to hire hard-to-find in-house expertise and bring an external, neutral mindset to your industry's specific challenges and burning issues.

To illustrate our versatility, we have created smart technical solutions in the Power, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Waste Water and many other industries. Case in point: We have designed both cyclone separators for chemical plants and automotive applications. We have engineered biomass as well as hydrogen burners. There is hardly an industrial case we have not touched in one form or another.

As digitisation trailblazers, aixprocess has learned to factor in the challenges of unit operations on the one hand and sector coupling on the other. For instance: a 100ml stirred reactor in pharmaceutical development has turbulence scales, secondary flow phenomena and gradient issues – similar to but on a different scale than a 1,000 m³ polymerization reactor. Yet the solutions would be similar - just tailored to the specific industry as well as scope of the challenge.

With our in-house process specialists and the network of subject matter experts, we connect the dots between industries and provide Technology Transfer services.

Want to know how aixprocess can both innovate, accelerate and de-risk your operations? Get a taste of the benefits of cross-disciplinary problem solving with a relatively small and low-risk investment in a feasibility study, technological benchmarking, conceptual engineering and digital twin prototypes. Chances are, you don't have time to lose.


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