aixProM - RealTime Optimiser
While Others Are Talking About IoT - We Let Our aixProM RealTime Optimiser Improve Your Process!

Our digital solution analyses the process historian, predicts the future, guides the process and continuously seeks for a new set of optimized target values. According to our customer's digital agenda, we shape the solution in different service levels from low-threshold data analytics to soft sensor implementation and full process control.


It is not magic, but it's an intelligent and patented combination of:

  • Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • 1st principle engineering models
  • RealTime CFD
  • Flowsheet Models
  • Smart Sensors

The Mill PILOT is the result of adding digital competence to our subject matter expertise in solids processing, providing a powerful digital assistant to mill operation in cement, mining & minerals and chemical industry.

The Kiln PILOT is the essence of 20 years of cement production know-how, embedded into a digital platform for continuous kiln process optimization. Cement specifics and complexity have shaped the interaction of AI and deterministic engineering models with the unique aixprocess solutions RealTime CFD and FlowSheet


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