Industry Chemicals
From Modeling to Essential Production

The chemical industry represents the broadest range of unit operations, combined with tremendous diversity in production scale, specific feedstocks, intermediates and products. It is hard to be an expert in each and every process step and equipment. Therefore, many industries have found it advantageous to have a digital twin. Understanding these process units and their complex interdependencies and connections is pivotal to de-risking and optimising operations.

Our Approach

Chemical production optimisation involves analysing the connections between the linear, forward-moving versus recycle streams on the one hand. On the other, understanding the downstream impact of important elements such as impeller blade angles on noxious side product concentration, is important to factor in. Our expertise is in the deep coupling of flow phenomena, heat transfer and multi-phase chemical reactions.


aixprocess provides expertise in:

  • CFD Digital twins for multi-phase operations
    - Gassed stirred reactors
    - Dynamic/static mixers
    - High-temperature equipment
  • Solids operations
    - Fluidized bed reactors
    - Nano-particle synthesis
    - Solids mixer
    - Dryer
    - Mills
    - Cyclones
  • Fluid-structure interaction / Stress calculation
  • Thermal management
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