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Digital Twins Positively Impact Margins in this Regulated Industry

Regulatory compliance plays a significant role in pharmaceutical product and process development. Increasing cost pressures and playing time-to-market catch-up are drivers for applying digital twins for the scale-up and tech transfer that are already well established in other industries. This industry is likewise ready for digital disruption

aixprocess Industry Pharmaceutical
Our Approach

aixprocess teams up with subject matter experts and pharmaceutical consultants to better understand our client's specific needs and challenges. Together we build specific reaction models to fit into our comprehensive CFD digital twin platforms. We create tailored rules for scale-up and tech transfer, de-risking the transition from lab API development to the formulation and industrial-scale production final stage.


aixprocess has extensive expertise in the following:

  • Pre-defined digital twins
    - Stirred reactors
    - Crystalliser
    - Blender & Mixer
    - Mills
    - Dosing and tableting equipment
    - Spray dryer
    - Fluidized beds
  • Tailored digital twin development
  • Virtual DoE to reduce Cost of Goods and analytics efforts
  • Development, scale-up and tech-transfer support
  • Technological consulting
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