The path task to Simulation
February 7, 2024
From Problem to Simulation: A Journey Unveiled

Embarking on the path from a client's process issue to a comprehensive and meaningful simulation is a unique journey, with each project presenting its own set of challenges. From our process experience, there is no unique solution and each optimisation is a tailored approach to address specific issues.

Selection of Critical Parameters:

Collaboration with the client is key. Together, we define the exact simulation target, identify critical process parameters and define quality metrics that benchmark the success of an iterative optimization.

Setup for Simulation:

Once clarity is achieved, the hands-on work begins. The considered facility or component is constructed using CAD, a computational grid is generation according to best practice guidelines. Relevant material properties are meticulously chosen from literature or our reference database. Drawing on the expertise of our team, fundamental calculation methods and domain boundaries are established. With tailored questionnaires and Big Data Analytical Methods, we support the acquisition of operational data to define a consistent set of boundary conditions - the most crucial quality criteria in simulation. Having selected the relevant sub-models and numerical approaches, the reference simulation is performed and thoroughly investigated.

Conceptual Optimization Approach:

With a solid foundation, scenarios and optimisational variations are explored while intermediate results are shared and discussed with the client. With this iterative procedure, our optimisation approaches are permanently mirrored against possibly unknown client’s constraints from construction, safety or maintenance.

Valuable Deliverables

Computational Engineering results are more than a presentation: conceptual drawings, spread sheets for optimized operational settings and a firm list of recommendations form a well-defined interface for further engineering and design. 

Written by: 
Dr. Martin Weng, Maximilian Kaul
Managing Director, Head of Sales; Marketing & Social Media Manager
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