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June 28, 2024
Achieving Pyrolysis Separation Efficiency: Advanced Solutions for a Chemical Recycling

As we move toward a circular economy, conserving resources through reusing, treating, and recycling products for as long as possible becomes crucial. Countless startups are developing innovative waste management processes and are now transitioning from pilot to full-scale production. Achieving economic efficiency is therefore essential.

The Challenge of Effective Separation

In the pyrolysis process, efficient separation of particles from the pyrolysis gases is a significant challenge. Traditional filters often clog, resulting in inconsistent product quality and frequent maintenance work. These issues disrupt production, increase operational costs, and can severely impact both the quality of the final product and the overall economic viability of the process.

Cyclones: The Reliable Alternative

Cyclones present a highly effective solution to these separation challenges. Unlike traditional filters, cyclones do not clog, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. This leads to more consistent product quality and reduces operational interruptions. Cyclones efficiently separate impurities from pyrolysis gases, ensuring smooth and continuous operation. Their reliability and low maintenance requirements make them an indispensable component in achieving high operational efficiency and product quality in pyrolysis processes.

Proven Expertise from aixprocess

At aixprocess, we bring years of experience and proven solutions to impurity separation in a variety of processes. From process evaluation and studies to the supply of turnkey equipment, we support potential operators every step of the way.

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Written by: 
Maximilian Kaul
Marketing & Social Media Manager
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cyclone technology for pyrolysis gas
improving waste management efficiency
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